Creating Strategic Business Technology Partnerships

Celebrating 10 Years 2009-2019

Why did Nancy Kelly of Labor Masters choose MinnDak Computer Services?

Why did Robert Leslie of Designer Homes Choose MinnDak Computer Services?

Why did Dr. Dustin Bartin of Core Health choose MinnDak Computer services?

At MinnDak Computer Services of Fargo, ND, we know that modern businesses rely heavily on their computer systems to keep their operations running. Over the years, we witnessed many companies plunge into chaos when unexpected issues arose with their servers, desktops or other devices. Because they had no knowledge that problems were looming and couldn’t have addressed the issues if they had, these businesses ultimately suffered serious decreases in production, customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue.

What We Do

We decided this wait-until-it-breaks model of IT support simply was not an efficient way for companies to do business nor for us to service our clients. We broke this outdated mold with our Managed Services Program, where we help companies reach their full potential by providing ongoing services such as remote monitoring, maintenance and prevention that save them thousands of dollars in emergency service fees and downtime. A well maintained, proactively serviced computer system always runs better than the alternative.

Proactive Monitoring

Patch Management

Regular Optimization

Round the Clock Support

MinnDak will also assist you by providing 24-hour management of your vendor relationships for added security and peace of mind. These includes such things as internet issues, such as slowness/outages, printers, phones, email and apps.

IT Services with Your Business in Mind

Our broad range of consulting services are tailored to your business, and are designed to give you the assurance of knowing your entire computer system is safe and functioning as it should; this frees you up to concentrate on running your business. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak, a complete overhaul, or have no idea where to begin, we can assist you. Our services are available a la carte to provide you with precisely what you need.

Endpoint Protection

Server Protection

Data Protection

Network Security

Cloud Solutions

IT & Security Assessments

So Good, You’ll Never Know We’re Here!

At MinnDak Computer Services of Fargo, ND, we’re committed to the values of honesty, integrity and reliability. We fully understand that our success depends on the success of the companies we serve, and our goal is to be so good at our jobs you’ll never need to call us. As such, we are The Best IT MSP You Never See.

Core Values

MinnDak believes communication builds trust and is critical to the client relationship.   Our ticketing system creates true accountability.

Honesty [Clarity]
The MinnDak team is honest with customers to ensure crystal clear project objectives and service tickets.

MinnDak is adaptable beyond the technology. As a client partner, we adapt to their business changes.

Reliability [Dependability]
MinnDak is reliable and responsive to client needs.  We continually maintain a high level of quality service.

Teamwork [Partnership]
MinnDak builds client partnerships by understanding their business, technology, and cash flow. We are on our client’s team.

Purpose Statement

Creating Strategic Business Technology Partnerships 

Catalyzing Statement

The Best IT MSP You Never See