Business & Accounting IT Solutions

MinnDak Computer Services has always carried out the mission of being our technology partner that is striving to develop long term strategies to implement cutting edge technologies within our Firm, versus incorporating the break-fix model.  Having a group of motivated tech guru’s available at our fingertips has allowed us to focus on our clients and offer an impeccable experience to them.  I continually bounce different ideas off the team to become more efficient in the systems we have in place, and the language that they use to support their position can be understood very easily.  Hands down, they are a vested partner in our operations and technology is an area of extreme importance at PrimeNumbers.

Joseph Braun

CPA, Prime Numbers CPA firm

IT Services for Business and Accounting Firms

As business people ourselves, MinnDak Computer Services understands the importance of melding good business practices with technology, and have adopted the philosophy that Managed Services are paramount to any company’s success. Your business or accounting firm is under increased scrutiny due to government regulations. MinnDak will bring our breadth of experience and knowledge to work in helping you develop a clear understanding of and a path to implement the best practices for reporting and protecting sensitive client data.

The right technology in your accounting practice delivers positive client experiences, streamlines your operation, helps improve employee satisfaction, allows you to remain competitive and develops your professional brand.

Advantages MinnDak Computer Services Provides

  • Streamlines your operation with the latest IT solutions
  • Tailors your IT network to the unique needs of your business
  • Back-up, disaster recovery and solutions that keep your business running smoothly
  • Reduce risks through improved cybersecurity based on industry best practices
  • 24-hour management of your vendor relationships for added security and peace of mind
  • Collective experience of MinnDak’s entire team of IT professionals provides access to the latest, most effective technology

The Best IT MSP You Never See.

With our comprehensive Business and Accounting IT Services, MinnDak will assess your company and provide you with IT system recommendations tailored to your needs. Call us today and setup an appointment for your consultation.

Core Values

MinnDak believes communication builds trust and is critical to the client relationship.   Our ticketing system creates true accountability.

Honesty [Clarity]
The MinnDak team is honest with customers to ensure crystal clear project objectives and service tickets.

MinnDak is adaptable beyond the technology. As a client partner, we adapt to their business changes.

Reliability [Dependability]
MinnDak is reliable and responsive to client needs.  We continually maintain a high level of quality service.

Teamwork [Partnership]
MinnDak builds client partnerships by understanding their business, technology, and cash flow. We are on our client’s team.

Purpose Statement

Creating Strategic Business Technology Partnerships 

Catalyzing Statement

The Best IT MSP You Never See