Data Protection

Data Protection from MinnDak Computer Service

It’s critical to routinely back up your company’s data. It not only offers you peace of mind, it will allow your business to remain productive. Depending on the data, regulations may require you to back it up securely. For many businesses, however, backing up data only comes to mind when it’s too late, such as after a hard disk crash or when their system is infected with a virus. By then, it’s typically too late easily to recover all of the affected information. Your business will likely spend thousands of dollars to restore this information, if it’s even possible.

Data Protection Tailored to Your Needs

With MinnDak’s Data Protection Services, you have the option of storing and securing your business information on-site, remotely, or a combination of both. We’ll work closely with you to develop a data protection solution that is based on factors such as:

  • Required Restoration Speed
  • Need for Natural Disaster Protection
  • The Need to Protect Large Image Caches
  • Sensitivity of the Information
  • Budget

Local Data Backup Protection

Local protection involves backing up information on a DVD, external hard drive or tape drive, then storing it onsite. This is a quick, cost effective way to back up your company’s data and works well for small businesses. In the event your information becomes lost, you simply restore the data to the point of the last backup. A word of warning, however: your data is only as safe as the facility it is stored in and as such is vulnerable to burglars, water, and fire damage.

Remote Data Backup Protection

Remote protection allows your business to backup information by logging into a remote drive to upload all your critical files. After we initially upload your data, any changes to this information or new data you select, will automatically be backed up. The advantage this offers over local backup is that your information is secured away from your business, and safe from break-ins or natural disasters.

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Core Values

MinnDak believes communication builds trust and is critical to the client relationship.   Our ticketing system creates true accountability.

Honesty [Clarity]
The MinnDak team is honest with customers to ensure crystal clear project objectives and service tickets.

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