About MinnDak Computer Services


Our Talented Team Includes:

Chris Buckingham
Joe Braun


Wayne Wermager

Customer Experience Advocate

Erick Simpson

Strategic Consultant

Conner Heck
Theo Majka


Brandan Spitzer


Kyle Lere
Project Technician/Intern
Gage Averson

Project Technician/Intern

Address:   1854 NDSU Research Circle North Ste 22.   |   Fargo, North Dakota 58102   |   Phone:   (701) 356-6819

Whether your law practice is primarily transaction based or provides high-level consulting, MinnDak Computer Services will help you develop IT solutions that allow you to concentrate on the needs of your clients. Call us today for more information.

Core Values

MinnDak believes communication builds trust and is critical to the client relationship.   Our ticketing system creates true accountability.

Honesty [Clarity]
The MinnDak team is honest with customers to ensure crystal clear project objectives and service tickets.

MinnDak is adaptable beyond the technology. As a client partner, we adapt to their business changes.

Reliability [Dependability]
MinnDak is reliable and responsive to client needs.  We continually maintain a high level of quality service.

Teamwork [Partnership]
MinnDak builds client partnerships by understanding their business, technology, and cash flow. We are on our client’s team.

Purpose Statement

Creating Strategic Business Technology Partnerships 

Catalyzing Statement

The Best IT MSP You Never See