IT Solutions for Your Legal Practice

I chose MinnDak Computer Services because of the recommendation of an internet service provider who had worked with MCS.  It was helpful to know that another company had had good experiences in working with MCS for the services I needed to establish and maintain my office network.

The greatest benefits I’ve received is the flexibility of MCS to provide additional services in addition to setting up and maintaining my office network.  MCS now manages my VOIP service, maintains my internet domain registration, and has recovered a crashed computer hard drive.  MCS has also provided services in communicating with my website developer, as website requirements have changed.

I do business with MCS because of the knowledgeable, responsive service I’ve received.  They’ve provided the flexibility to work with a very small business, and the variety of computer services that my business has needed over time.

Cheryl Bergian

Attorney at Law, Cheryl Bergian Law Office

IT Solutions that Suit Your Legal Practice

Your clients, your team and the highly sensitive information your business stores are the primary assets of a successful law firm, so it goes without saying that data quality, accessibility and data security are paramount in maintaining your integrity while allowing you to remain competitive. In order to meet the needs of your clients, your firm’s attorneys and legal team members require a host of secure mobile solutions to optimize workflow, including database query research tools and real-time access to documents. MinnDak Computer service understands the unique challenges the legal industry deals with and we are focused on delivering real solutions to your technology needs.

Advantages MinnDak Computer Services Provide:

  • Provide flexible and secure IT infrastructure that complies with all regulations
  • Data mobility management and Cloud services that provide access from devices at any location, including the courtroom
  • Provide conferencing tools that eliminate the need for travel and its related costs
  • Predictable budgeting with our Managed Services model
  • Business-grade backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions
  • Secure client data through improved cybersecurity practices, log management and reporting
  • Establish long-term technology planning to help steer your business in the direction you want it to travel
  • Ensure time and billing applications are current

The Best IT MSP You Never See.

Whether your law practice is primarily transaction based or provides high-level consulting, MinnDak Computer Services will help you develop IT solutions that allow you to concentrate on the needs of your clients. Call us today for more information.

Core Values

MinnDak believes communication builds trust and is critical to the client relationship.   Our ticketing system creates true accountability.

Honesty [Clarity]
The MinnDak team is honest with customers to ensure crystal clear project objectives and service tickets.

MinnDak is adaptable beyond the technology. As a client partner, we adapt to their business changes.

Reliability [Dependability]
MinnDak is reliable and responsive to client needs.  We continually maintain a high level of quality service.

Teamwork [Partnership]
MinnDak builds client partnerships by understanding their business, technology, and cash flow. We are on our client’s team.

Purpose Statement

Creating Strategic Business Technology Partnerships 

Catalyzing Statement

The Best IT MSP You Never See